Statement of Being

Statement of Being

J Douglas Bottorff

God is Spirit, or the creative energy that is the cause of all visible things. God as Spirit is the invisible life and intelligence underlying all physical things.”

Man is the last and highest manifestation of divine energy, the fullest and most complete expression (or pressing out) of God. To man, therefore, is given dominion over all other manifestations.”

Emilie Cady

Most of us probably struggle with the idea that God is not a being but the essence of life, the Creative Life Force expressing in and as all forms of life. Likewise, for many, it may be a stretch to think of every person as an individualized expression of this divine life. However, until we reach an understanding of God as the ever-present source of our being, we will never be able to fully avail ourselves to the guidance and all-sustaining love and wisdom that God is.

Regardless of race, religion or position in this world, God, as omnipresent life, is equally accessible to all. We should never for a moment think we have to call God into our life in our time of need. When we understand God as the essence of our being, we will, in our times of uncertainty, become still and open our hearts to the assurance and courage that will allow us to move with confidence through any challenge. We will discover a level of peace and comfort we can find nowhere else. Touching this inner fountain of eternal life, we can, in an instant, rise above chaotic appearances that threaten to rob us of our joy and well-being.

You are in God and God is in you. There is no place where God leaves off and you begin. The fulfillment that you seek in life is at this very moment pressing out through you, waiting for you to awaken to it and to begin living, as Emerson suggested, with the privilege of immeasurable mind.

Unity was founded on the truth of every person’s unity with God. The realization that God, as the source of all good you desire, is within you now and seeking expression through every aspect of your being and your life, opens your heart to a level of fulfillment you have not yet imagined.


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