The Inner Awakening

The Inner Awakening

J Douglas Bottorff

In daily meditation lies the secret of power. No one can grow in either spiritual knowledge or power without it. Practice the presence of God just as you would practice music. No one would ever dream of becoming a master in music except by spending some time daily alone with music. Daily meditation alone with God focuses the divine presence within us and brings it to our consciousness.”

Emilie Cady

In my early years, this paragraph was the only instruction I had for the practice of meditation. I did not know how to be still or what to expect. I knew I wanted spiritual knowledge and more power over my circumstances but I didn’t know how sitting quietly alone practicing the presence of God could be of much help.

Much of the time spent seemed pointless, but over time the inner dimension of Spirit began to open. I could see that beneath the identity I had created, the one that I developed based on information that came to me through the senses, there was a deeper, self-sustaining identity that was more natural and required no effort to maintain.

We may think that being taught by God is a mysterious privilege that few are granted. A quiet focus on the reality of your being proves otherwise. We are designed to be instructed from within. As you open your mind and heart to the presence of God as your innermost being you are instructed through direct experience. The natural condition of this deeper self is joyful and peaceful. God does not give you joy and peace. You discover that joy and peace are natural components of your true self. God instructs through direct revelation.

It is as if you were sitting quietly on a cool morning watching a sunrise. The sun appearing over the horizon slowly gives its light and warmth. The sun instructs you of its characteristics by touching you with them. So it is with God.

Be patient with this process of being still and waiting. Affirm your willingness to surrender to the inner promptings you feel and, to the extent that you can, make yourself an empty vessel waiting to be filled with light and life and the gentle presence of your deeper reality. As surely as the sun appears each day, the Presence will begin to rise in you.


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