Understanding Faith

Understanding Faith

Faith does not depend on physical facts, or on the evidence of the senses, because it is born of intuition, or the Spirit of truth ever living at the center of our being. Its action is infinitely higher than that of intellectual conclusions; it is founded on Truth.” –Emilie Cady

To understand faith, it’s important that we think of it as a faculty rather than a mere function of the mind. If we think of faith as a function of the mind, we will see it as something we either have or we don’t, something that can be turned on and off at will. Worse, you might conclude that you have no faith at all.

When you think of faith as a faculty of the mind, you see it as a fully functioning power that you permanently possess. You do not have to develop it; you only need to redirect it, like the faculty of imagination. Our faculty of imagination is always active, even as we sleep. We do not need to develop our imagination; we only need to redirect it.

And so it is with the faculty of faith. You have all the faith you need. The question is, how are you directing it? Is it directed toward the physical facts, to those conditions that appear to be real, or is your faith founded on Truth? Cady points out that, faith takes hold of the substance of the thing hoped for, and brings into evidence, or visibility, the things not seen. Because faith is a faculty of mind, Cady’s statement is true whether your faith is directed to the negative or the positive.

God’s absolute good is unfolding through my life now. Can you say this with absolute conviction? Resolve all doubts by turning away from appearances and holding steady the ideal that you want to see manifest. Faith is the very substance of the thing you desire, the first evidence that your greater good is now coming forth into visibility. Hold fast to your conviction. “Faith does not depend on physical facts, or on the evidence of the senses. Release all doubt, keeping this powerful faculty centered in your desire, and you will have it.


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