Unity of the Spirit

Unity of the Spirit

Chapter 12, Lessons In Truth

In the final chapter of her book, Lessons in Truth, Emilie Cady gives an example of several individuals peering through various sized holes in a wall and each declaring that they see the world as it is. She says, “… each one looking at the same world sees according to the size of the aperture through which he is looking, and he limits the world to just his own circumscribed view of it.”

We all view the world through the aperture of our belief system and we need to take care that we do not mistake this view for reality. When we have a challenge, for example, we tend to look at things, not as they are in the broader scheme but as our current accumulation of facts dictates. In other words, as Eric Butterworth acknowledged, we do not see life as it is; we see life as we are.

On the other hand we do not want to ignore situations that need our attention. We do, however, want to approach them with the broadest view possible, to look over the wall rather than through a small hole.

You can think of the process of meditation as the act of releasing your position peering through the hole and rising to a place above the wall. You don’t seek to alter the facts as they appear. You only seek to view the facts from a higher point of view. Emerson, in fact, defined prayer as a contemplation of the facts from the highest point of view. To do so is to invite God into your field of view.

A situation viewed through the hole in the wall appears to be falling apart. Viewed from over the wall you see that the falling apart is only a brief part of something better falling in place. You may expend much effort and energy trying to put it back together when you are only delaying the out-picturing of something better.

To unify with Spirit is to agree to open your mind to the Infinite in all you do. If you are disturbed by some development, take time to be still and rise above the wall knowing there is a much broader way of seeing. As you capture this broader view, your thoughts and actions are better directed to the establishment of greater good in your life.


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