The Room for Improvement

The Room for Improvement (click to listen)

It has been said that the biggest room on earth is the room for improvement. I’m sure it is fair to say that most of us are working toward an ideal of the spiritually enlightened person we are supposed to become.

While this seems like a healthy and worthy ambition, it involves a couple of elements of which each one of us should be mindful. The first is the concept you hold of what a spiritually enlightened person looks like to you. Where did you get this concept? It’s probably safe to assume that the prime source of the image you hold of yourself as a spiritually enlightened soul of the future is derived from reading and listening to others talk about it. Having read and listened and given much thought to the subject, you have pieced together the picture toward which you aspire.

In holding this image of your hoped-for future attainment, consider also the image you hold of your current spiritual status. Again, because you hold a future image of yourself as a more advanced, more complete being it is safe to assume that your current self image is one of incompleteness and spiritual inadequacy.

Though this may come as a shock, you are working toward a goal you can never achieve. The image you are working toward represents a composite of brain-based information. Words from the minds of others, whether read or spoken, enter your mind through the avenue of the senses. Combining this with other similar information you have created the goal toward which you labor. As long as you hold an improved image of yourself as a future possibility, you will hold an image of yourself as currently inadequate and incomplete.

The room for improvement is in how you see yourself now. Think of yourself as a completed soul now bursting forth into your open mind in its full glory. Meditate on this. Pour your faith in it. The way you see yourself now determines the way you will see yourself tomorrow. You are complete. Claim this truth now.


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