Attraction or Reaction?

Attraction or Reaction? (click to hear audio)

A popular theme in much of today’s prosperity literature involves the law of attraction. In a nutshell, the idea is that we attract to us the kinds of people and conditions that represent the type vision we hold. If you want to attract prosperity then it is important that you hold visions, speak words and feel feelings that are of a prospering nature.

An important aspect of this concept that is often ignored, probably because it is not understood, has to do with an individual’s motivation for wanting to improve the conditions of their life. To most, the motivation would seem obvious. “I want to attract a better job because the one I have pays too little and there is nothing about it that is rewarding.” If you look a little deeper, this statement is saying, “I want to change a circumstance so I can feel better about myself.” Look deeper still and you will find, “I do not feel good about myself.” Now you have touched motive, the single most important piece of understanding the law of attraction.

Many live under the false notion that they have the power to invoke the law of attraction. Like all spiritual principles the law of attraction is self-executing and has never ceased its exacting operation even for an instant. This is why Jesus gave but one all-encompassing instruction that covers all mental, emotional and material needs: Seek first the kingdom and all else will be added. The kingdom is your spiritual core, your authentic essence. If you are motivated by something less than this, and most of us are, the law of attraction will continue to give us conditions that are in accordance with this incomplete image. It will not matter how precisely engineered and detailed are our manufactured visions. We will continue to get the life that best represents who and what we think we are.

Your attempts at attraction may very well be little more than a reaction to an identity issue. When your single motive becomes the understanding of yourself as a spiritual being you will automatically draw the people, things and conditions that support your unfolding understanding.


9 thoughts on “Attraction or Reaction?

  1. I enjoyed this message in church yesterday and was happy to see it on line already. I just listened to your message again and took notes myself this time. I also forwarded this messge to my friend who is really struggling with how she feels.

    I expenerienced a wonderful example of the Law of Attraction after I left church yesterday. I should start by sharing by main focus and goal is to become a Director with BeautiControl and I pray for God to “bring the right peolpe into my life who will benefit greatly from what I have to offer and to give me the opportunity to serve those who cross my path and that I am committed to touch their life in a profound way”.

    After church I met with a BeautiControl prospect at a coffee shop. Walking up to met my appt., I noticed an employee cleaning off the tables outside. I felt a connection that I cannot explain, but hurried inside to be on time. As my prospect and I were talking, I noticed this lady again taking a break and sitting at a table nearby. As we were leaving the lady came over to me and said, “I could not help but overhear part of your conversation. Do you have a business card”. I gave her information and she shared with me that she use to be a Mary Kay Consultant and enjoyed the type of business I am in. She gave me her name and phone # and we scheduled a phone conversation for today. I thought to myself, “Wow! That is a great example of the Law of Attraction”. I wanted to share this with you.

    I will do my homework this week and in my meditation times I will say to myself, “I am now a complete expression of God”! I feel as I have found my true path as a leader and teacher. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Have a great week!


  2. How do I find my spiritual core? When I do, can I attract a nice car, home, and money? What would then be my motivation for those things?

    1. Billy, your spiritual core is the essence of your being, not a thing that is far away. Times spent in quiet reflection and receptivity will gradually bring this deeper aspect to your awareness. You do not want to seek an understanding of your spiritual core from the motive of attracting material items. This is counter productive. If you seek first an understanding of your true essence, the things needed to balance your material life are naturally added without making them the object of your existence. “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you,” is the advice we find in scripture. Blessings, Doug

      1. Thank you Doug. I am quite happy with my life the way it is but there is an urge inside of me to expand. I feel very grateful for the things I have now. What would be an OK reason to have material things? If I am filling my present place to the fullest, is it not OK to expand from here? If I make finding my spirit my priority and material things secondary would that be OK? I want to add yo my own life situation and others as well, but I know that I am complete now, so I don’t know what to do with that.

      2. Hello Billy. We are spiritual beings expressing through a material body living in a material environment, so we have needs on multiple levels: spiritual and material. Understanding yourself as primarily a spiritual being means that you move away from attempting to compensate for feelings of inadequacy with material objects. There is nothing wrong with acquiring material things, as long as we keep them in perspective.

        You may be interested in subscribing to my blog at I am running portions of my Prosperous Living book that you may find helpful.

        Blessings, Doug

  3. “You stop wishing for things to change and you begin holding thoughts reflective of the changes you would like to see. You refrain from thinking about what is wrong with your life and instead you begin to think about what you would like to do with it.

    How do you think of yourself? Do you see yourself as a victim of circumstance, or do you see yourself in possession of a great creative instrument capable of carrying you in any direction you desire? Begin to focus the great power of your mind in the direction you want to go. Create a vision of your ideal life and keep your thoughts centered in the possibilities.

    Setbacks will occur. You will have discouraging moments, but bring your thoughts back to the quality of life you want. The tendencies of your thought manifest as the tendencies of your conditions. Dwell on the quality of life you want, coupled with appropriate action, and you will realize the desires of your heart.”

    I am having a difficult time with this. I believe that I am working with God. Can’t my ideal life be one of wealth and prosperity?

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