That Your Joy May Be Full

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4th Sunday of Advent

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full” (John 15:11).

Jesus is often depicted as one who carried the heavy burden of the world’s sins on his shoulders but he apparently experienced a deep and abiding joy. One of the hallmarks of the spiritual awakening is, in fact, the experience of joy. All the great mystics through the ages write or tell of their unspeakable joy. It’s a joy that comes with observing one’s indestructible spiritual nature; that deeper reality that transcends all the material limitations that have kept us in bondage.

While joy and happiness are high among our objects of pursuit, we should remember that the state of joy is actually a byproduct of our spiritual awakening. Much like a hot air balloon naturally rises when its ballast is cast off, substantial joy sets in when material burdens are cast off.

Casting off material burdens does not mean that we withdraw from material pursuits and material improvements. It means that we begin to understand the material realm as an effect rather than a cause and that we stop trying to squeeze joy from things and let it rise naturally in us as we awaken to our deeper nature.

Jesus never advised withdrawing from the material plane. Rather, he said our heavenly Father knew we had material needs and would provide them for the asking. He was pointing to the fact that the invisible is translated into the visible through us, that it is an ongoing natural process that we direct through the use of our imagination and the manifesting power of our faith. You and I are energy and we are working in an unlimited field of energy. There is no limit to how we can form this energy as the things and conditions we want to see in our experience.

Understanding the relationship and the connection between your spiritual nature and your material level of expression is a joyous revelation. We are not meant to struggle beneath the weight of the material realm, but master it through understanding how we shape it. Begin now to experience the joy of knowing you can bring your world into conformity with even the most lofty vision you hold!



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