My Cup Overflows

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Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies; thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overflows.

Again, this line from the 23rd Psalm is rich with the ideas of protection and prosperity. The preparation of the table in the presence of enemies is a way of affirming, Greater good is unfolding even when things appear to be working against me. This is a very important understanding to affirm because it is absolutely true. When our life takes an unexpected turn for the worse we often react in ways that rob us of our peace and our creative optimism. The psalmist provides a key that enables us to stay centered in the truth: This thing is not as it appears. A banquet of good is set before you. Know this, and be at peace.

Oil is a symbol of prosperity, both materially and spiritually. The head is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence. The Bible describes Joseph, for example, as “a head above his brothers,” meaning, he was sharper. The image of God anointing your head with oil is a way of reminding you to open your mind to the infinite, divine possibilities both of a spiritual and material nature. In times of stress, we close our minds to all but the apparent problem, and it appears that our world is falling apart. God never ceases working, anointing you with everything you need to prosper through your challenges.

The image of the cup overflowing is the most obvious. See yourself overflowing with the light, life, and intelligence of God, touching everyone and everything that concerns you with peace, order, and an abundance of good. Our prosperity begins from within us and works its way out into our affairs. We literally overflow with divine energy. As we affirm and visualize this truth, we enhance its prospering activity in all that concerns us.



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