A Matter of Attention

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Do not give dogs what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you” (Matthew 7:6).

“Most of us have had the experience, when we first realized the Spiritual Idea and what it means, of picking out certain of our friends who, we felt sure, would jump at it, only to find that in most cases they refused to take it at all.” — Emmet Fox

Last week I wrote/spoke of the judgment issue and this week it appears that Jesus is telling us to make a significant judgment call. Emmet Fox offers helpful commentary here, but the implication still involves discernment of those who are worthy of your giving and those who are not.

We best understand the principle conveyed in Jesus’ words when we think of the dogs and swine as negative propositions that are presented to us through external appearances. Giving to dogs what is holy and casting your pearls before swine represents the action of pouring our mental and emotional energy into ideas that have no positive return. Focus on a destructive scenario, for example, leaves you feeling helpless and depleted. You are soon drained of the creative energy that allows you to see other possibilities.

In such a case it is better to turn your attention to ideas that give a positive return. A situation that appears to be hopeless will not improve with our continued affirming that it is hopeless. It will, however, begin to change the moment you give what is holy and cast your pearls to an idea such as, God’s perfect wisdom is now manifesting through this situation. Perfect harmony and perfect balance are brought forth through me and through all concerned with this matter. Thank You God! With this prayerful affirmation you are casting your energy into an idea with productive possibilities.

Stop wasting your divine mental and emotional energy by pouring it in no-win imagery. This is the message Jesus is passing on.


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