Know Thyself

A Paradigm of Oneness: Part 3

Click for audio: Know Thyself

Our understanding of God plays a major role in the way we think of ourselves. The paradigm of separation causes us to live life trying to measure up to the expectations of a god we do not understand. Those living by this paradigm are vulnerable to control by guilt and shame and they seek to maintain a standard of behavior they assume will be pleasing to God. Those who do not adopt a religious or spiritual approach may still see themselves as incomplete and spend their lives seeking to address feelings of incompleteness by stockpiling things, positions and relationships they hope will give them the sense of completeness they crave.

Shifting to the paradigm of oneness we begin to see ourselves as spiritually whole, expressions of the Creative Life Force, and we have simply forgotten who and what we are. Our focus turns from outer to inner directed, an approach that holds as key the process of self-discovery. We begin to grasp that our desire for wholeness and abundance of all good is really an intuitive message rising from our inner depths, the voice of our native soul.

To know thyself is to know God. Paraphrasing Emerson, each individual is an inlet and may become an outlet to all there is in God. Such a statement is impossible to grasp from the paradigm of separation. From the paradigm of oneness, however, we understand that by turning our attention within and opening our minds and hearts to the inner fountain of life welling up as an eternal spring of divine energy we become channels through which this energy is expressed, temples of the living God, as the apostle Paul phrased it.

Emma Curtis Hopkins said, “The highest is the nearest.” It only makes sense that God, our eternal source of life, love, power and intelligence is accessible and ready to spring forth through us in ways that express healing, prosperity and right action.

You are God in expression, a manifestation of the Creative Life Force that brings all things into being. Hold this thought and you will see yourself as you truly are.


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