Meditation and Prayer

A Paradigm of Oneness: Part 5

(Click here to listen: Meditation & Prayer)

From the point of view of the paradigm of separation, prayer is seen as the means of contacting or influencing God, usually in a pleading manner. The good that God has for the one praying is also separate, doled out or withheld at the God’s discretion. Meditation, if practiced at all, is thought of as the contemplation of something like a passage of scripture, usually with the intention of understanding the message God is seeking to impart to the believer.

From the paradigm of oneness, meditation plays a vital role, as it is the practice of stilling the senses and opening the intuitive portal directly to the presence of God. This communion can be achieved by all. Oneness with the Creative Life Force is an unalterable condition.

Prayer is the process of aligning one’s thought and feeling with what is true at the spiritual level. We do not pray for healing, for example, as if health is a commodity that God has to give us. The prayer for healing is the process of aligning our mind with the truth of our wholeness at the spiritual level. In meditation we experience this wholeness. The healing prayer is the affirmative alignment of our mind with the truth of Being.

Imagine filling a watering vessel and then using it to water your flowers. The filling of the vessel is meditation; the watering of your flowers is prayer. In silence you open your mind and heart to the infilling of God’s presence. You experience the pure life energy, the peace, power, and the balancing love of the Divine. This is the infilling of you, the vessel. With the awareness of God’s presence, you go through your day watering the flower garden of your life by giving out of this place of inner peace and power. You may need to pause and refill your vessel in brief moments throughout your day so that you may continue to give from your divine center.

Prayer is not so much an asking as it is a remembering that God is your source. Meditation is the practice of cultivating the awareness of God as an indwelling presence.


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