The Soul’s Journey

A Paradigm of Oneness: Part 11

(Click for audio: The Soul’s Journey)

The paradigm of separation sees the soul on a journey from birth to death, culminating in an afterlife either in Heaven or Hell.

 The paradigm of oneness allows for the soul to experience multiple incarnations for any and all purposes the individual sees fit. The universal goal of each person is the experience of absolute freedom. Our intense desire for this state of being is a response to the fact that, at the deepest level of our being, our native soul is already free.

The common belief that we choose various incarnations so we may learn and grow comes into question when we see that a material environment is not required to awaken to the deeper levels of our being. To the contrary, we achieve spiritual understanding by periods of closing the senses to the material realm and opening the mind to our spiritual center.

The controls of the incarnation process are at the disposal of each individual. Why we choose to incarnate is a question only we can answer.

The idea that you and I are here by choice presents us with a puzzle and an opportunity to rethink our life’s purpose and our reason for being here. The puzzling part is that we may not have a clear memory of why we decided to enter the three-dimensional plane. The practice of meditation can reconnect us with the native soul and a recollection of this vital choice. The opportunity lies in the fact that we can no longer think of our human experience as a quirk or the effect of actions outside our control. It is empowering to accept that we are here by choice.

The paradigm of oneness starts with the understanding that we are already connected with God, our limitless Source of life and intelligence. The answers we seek are within our reach. You and I stand in our current position in life by choice (free will), and choice will continue to take us where we need and want to go.


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