God, the Creative Life Force

Click for Audio: God, the Creative Life Force

“God is Spirit, or the creative energy that is the cause of all visible things. God as Spirit is the invisible life and intelligence underlying all physical things. There could be no body, or visible part, to anything unless there was first Spirit as creative cause.”  Emilie Cady

Understanding the nature of God is the first step to understanding how to relate to God. It’s probably safe to say that most of us carry an anthropomorphic view of God as a human-like, all-powerful figure capable of expressing the full range of human emotion. This is one reason I like to think of God as the Creative Life Force that is active in my being and throughout every aspect of creation. The will of this unseen but all-pervasive force is to express more life, power, love, and intelligence through me and all that concerns me. I do not have to convince God that I am worthy or deserving of the blessings that come with this understanding. My work is to open myself to the greater good that is seeking expression through me now.

In your moments of quiet, you may find it helpful to envision God as the Creative Life Force pressing in upon you and expressing through you. Feel yourself stepping out of the way and letting this divine energy move through you in freeing, healing ways. God is personal in the sense that even a small cut on your finger will be healed without your asking. God is universal in the sense that you can trust that your very life is divinely ordered, that all the attributes of God are available to you and to all equally, every moment of every day. In God you live and move and have your being.

God is the source of your being. Work with this idea by affirming something like this:

God is my unlimited Source. There is no lack in God. Therefore, there can be no lack in my life.

A statement like this brings into focus the truth that transcends all self-inflicted limiting definitions you may have developed.


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