Freedom in Divine Order

[Click here for audio: Freedom In Divine Order]

In Unity we often encourage a person to affirm divine order, especially when their life seems to be falling apart. Why? Why not take the more realistic approach to apparent disaster and deal with it for what it is?

Because affirming divine order is the realistic approach. There is no other type of order.

We are all trained to believe that there are two powers at work in our lives: the power of good and the power of evil. Evil, of course, comes in many guises, some of which we would not even necessarily label as evil. When things fall apart we may feel there is a secondary power working against us that we may not call evil, but we think of it as some force contrary to our highest good.

The reason we encourage an affirmation of divine order in the face of adversity is so that we can reground our thinking in the Truth: There’s only one presence and one power at work in our lives, God the good. And this power is at work even when it doesn’t appear to be so. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot suppress it, to paraphrase John.

Do not affirm divine order to change your circumstances to a more acceptable condition. Affirm it with the attitude that greater good is now unfolding through your life, that this condition that confronts you is the actual means through which that greater good is unfolding. You immediately perk up to greater possibilities when you realize that you don’t have to coax God into action, that the action of God is already in effect and is, at this very moment coming into recognizable and prospering forms.

We must free our minds of the burden of a secondary force working against our highest good. When our mind is optimistically directed—a condition the affirmation of divine order assures—we will see facets of our challenges that before we could not. It may take some doing, but if we are willing to let go and trust, knowing there is only divine order, we will see the brighter side emerge from what may have looked like a very dark situation.


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