The Intuitive Mind

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When most of us think of intuition, we generally think of it as an inner prompting to act on something, to avoid something, or to let well enough alone. In other words, we think of intuition as a guidance system through our affairs. And so it often is. The word is defined as “the state of being aware of or knowing something without having to discover or perceive it.”

The faculty of intuition, however, encompasses a much larger field of activity than that of our temporal affairs. It is the side of our being that is receptive to the expansive nature of the spiritual dimension of our being. Charles Fillmore recognized this unseen but very active dimension stating that it is fueled by the law of infinite expansion. He defined this law as, “the principle of never-ceasing growth and development toward the fulfillment of God’s perfect idea that is firmly fixed in all creation.”

God’s perfect idea of what you are and what you are becoming is “firmly fixed” in you right now. The feelings that life can be better, that limitation should not exist, that life should be a creative rather than a reactive endeavor all rise from this inner realm of perfection that abides in you. I have said many times that you could not desire more if you were not already more, and this is absolutely true. Desire for greater freedom is simply a reverberation of that freedom at a level of your being that you rarely, if ever, allow yourself to experience. We are so often preoccupied with surface matters that we do not yield to the very voice that is calling us home.

We associate the intuition with the feminine because of its receptive nature. It is, in a sense, like a solar panel that lays open to the sun’s rays. The energy we receive is then subjected to an intellect that has not learned to translate it into ever expanding conditions. In all our studies, we sometimes need to lay down the books and listen. Feel the deeper truth of your being that you intuitively know is already here.


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