Consciousness Evolution

Understanding Unity Series: Part 6 of 8

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The term consciousness is one that describes the sum of our belief system. Think of consciousness as a galaxy of beliefs swirling around the nucleus of your self-image. How you see yourself determines the kinds of beliefs you hold. The kinds of beliefs you hold influence the quality of life you experience.

For example, there was a time when the majority of people believed the earth was flat, that it was possible to sail to the very edge and fall off into a dreadful abyss. The impact of this belief was to greatly restrict the activity of human exploration. The earth, however, was just as round then as now. We know today that there were no natural barriers that kept explorers from moving beyond chartered waters and discovering the truth about our planet.

To sail around the globe, no advances in technology were required. As many have since proven, a simple sail-rigged vessel is all that was ever required. The thing that lifted the restrictions of exploration was the evolution of the beliefs people held about their ability to circumnavigate our planet.

The way you view your own spiritual exploration is no different. Your completed soul and your relationship of oneness with God is, like the round earth, already in place. That you may be navigating but a small portion of this relationship is attributable, not to any natural barriers, but to restrictive beliefs that keep you from venturing into your spiritual depths.

While most of our attention is devoted to solving problems within the parameters of our designated reality, we broaden our approach to daily living by realizing that we now live in the fullness of God, that our soul is complete, that any future growth we perceive is accessible now. This gradual letting go, this expansion of the self-image may be the only thing you need to open the kinds of new horizons you have been looking for.


4 thoughts on “Consciousness Evolution

  1. Soul is intellect, emotions, and will, as I learned it. Aristotle’s categories. Spirit is complete, as is spirit. Semantics, Doug? Isn’t self image personality, instead of individuality?

    1. John, Unity’s traditional model of the individual is that we are Spirit, soul, and body. The intellect would not be considered the soul per se, but could be thought of as that faculty which gathers information through the 5 senses. The intuition, is the faculty that gathers information directly from Spirit. The self-image is how we see ourselves at a given moment, depending on whether our understanding is intellectually or intuitively based. What we call the spiritual journey is that process of transitioning from an intellectual to an intuitively based understanding of ourselves. This is why we, in Unity, stress the practice of meditation. Study is an intellectual activity that may change our ideas, but meditation is an intuitive exposure to Spirit that changes our self image. It is an inward/out approach as opposed to the intellectual outward/in approach.

      Words are our means of communicating ideas and, unfortunately, there are no words that can convey the direct experience of Spirit. We say down the books, we close our eyes to shut out outer distractions, and we turn our attention within with the intention of sensitizing our awareness to the life energy that sustains our being. Sounds weird to the intellect, but the intuition knows exactly what this means. With practice we begin to experience our pure essence, our soul, or, as I like to call it, our native soul.

  2. To continue this note from above… I wanted to give you an ‘atta boy’ for the work you do. Some of the questions I ask are based on my developing ideas of early Unity theology, for which I have a preference. My questions are not intended to be adversarial. I’m just working with these ideas.

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