The Pure in Heart

The Wisdom of Jesus Series: (click for audio: The Pure in Heart)

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is symbolic, not so much of a person of pure heart, but of a pure heart that sees God. A pure heart, in the spiritual sense, is one that seeks to know and experience God for the sake of knowing God only. Mary’s immaculate conception and her giving birth as a virgin symbolize that singleness of focus that opens the soul to the Divine and gives birth to that high ideal.

We so often approach God with the hope of getting help with some problem. To be pure in heart is to come to such an understanding of our oneness with God that we know we have but one need and one Source for the fulfillment of that need. In our quiet times we become aware of God as the very source of our being and we are filled with the awareness of God’s unfailing presence. This inner knowing translates into new ideas, new inspiration, positive guidance, a new way of seeing ourselves and our life that leads to our needed answers.

Much of our search for spiritual help and guidance involves the Joseph aspect of our mind: the intellect. We turn to books, to affirmations, to inspirational messages that remind us to have faith that things will be fine. The Christmas story depicts a means of knowing that bypasses Joseph. There is a higher way that involves the stilling of our intellectual faculty and a coming to know directly, intuitively, our oneness with God. The intellect makes judgments according to appearances. The intuition makes its judgments based on what is true of God. What the intellect sees as an insurmountable obstacle, the intuition sees as opportunity for God to express in new, creative ways.

The spring-fed pool does not pray for rain from the sky to fill its perimeters. It draws from a hidden but ever sustaining source of perpetual fulfillment. Every person is fed from within from an eternal fountain of life, love, intelligence, and power. As we seek to know better this inner resource, we are blessed with the assurance that all is well, that greater good is now unfolding in our life.


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