Cooperating with the Manifestation Process

Audio: Cooperating with the Manifestation Process

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The earth produces of itself, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear” (Mark 4:28).

It is universally accepted in both spiritually and mentally based teachings designed to improve life that our tendencies of thought become an attractive force. It is attractive because we pick out and associate with those things that dominate our mind. To set a goal or hold a vision is to deliberately create a spiritual nucleus around which we build a desired condition.

Jesus associated the manifestation process with the same principles humankind has harnessed agriculturally. At some point we realized that the earth naturally produces of itself, that seed falls to the ground and grows following a natural pattern. Why not select and introduce desired types of seed into this natural manifestation factory and produce plants that feed, clothe and even fuel our physical needs?

In the human experience, ideas are the equivalent to seed. Many people do not realize the power of the ideas they hold and are quite lax about their tendencies of thought. We desire a higher quality of life but we entertain a perpetual stream of negative ideas: impending doom, fear of disease or a crashing economy or whatever. And if this isn’t enough we broadcast negative news 24/7 and for entertainment create television programs depicting in graphic detail the potential for mega-disasters.

The mental and emotional atmosphere we harbor is directly responsible for the quality of material life we experience. Knowing this, we choose to create and hold steadfastly a vision of the quality of life we desire. Such a vision provides us with a benchmark for choices of “seed” we sow. How will watching this news broadcast improve my life? How will despising a politician bring health to my body? How will focusing on what is wrong with our nation improve our living conditions? You cannot set a goal for good and then continue to engage in self-defeating mental and emotional activities. The manifestation process simply does not permit it.

Cooperating with the manifestation process is a matter of bringing your entire being into focus in a direction of your choosing. The mechanics are already in place. All that is left is for us to consciously employ them.


One thought on “Cooperating with the Manifestation Process

  1. Nice summary. I have watched the natural manifestation process as, in going to work in the staff car I listen to the attitude and experience of other bus drivers. My experience is often different, and I think it is , at least in part, because I see my passengers differently.

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