The Faith Factor

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 “… faith takes right hold of the substance of the things desired, and brings into the world of evidence the things that before were not seen. Further speaking of faith, the writer [of Hebrews] said, “Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear;” that is, things that are seen are not made out of visible things, but out of the invisible. In some way, then, we understand that whatever we want is in this surrounding invisible substance, and faith is the power that can bring it out into actuality to us.” Emilie Cady

In all spiritually-based literature we find significant discussion on the importance of faith. Unity pioneers like Emilie Cady sought to take our understanding of faith beyond a simple belief in God, important as this is, to an understanding of how our faculty of faith actually works. She agrees with the writer of Hebrews that we are all equipped with this faculty that brings conditions and things into visibility. Our entire life condition is, in fact, the effect of our exercise of faith.

When you think of your life, do you do so with some measure of dread or do you have a good feeling that things are unfolding in a positive and progressive way? Is your faith invested in greater good emerging or are you plagued with doubts that this is true. In other words, what are you expecting from your life? Observe the tendencies of your expectations and you’ll understand how you are employing your faculty of faith.

Where is my faith? What are my expectations? These are good questions to ask yourself both in critical moments and as you go through your day. The writer of Hebrews pointed out that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The key is to become aware of what it is we are hoping for and what we are actually expecting.

Today, turn the power of your faith on the greater good you want to unfold in your life. Get the feeling that this good is now coming forth, that your life is successful and prosperous in all ways. Be steady in your faith in the good and give thanks that it is now coming forth.


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