The Meaning of Life

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What is the meaning of life? While this question reflects what many believe to be the ultimate in unanswerable questions, there is indeed an answer. The problem is that you cannot get to the answer by asking this particular question. Another is required: What do you mean by the word life?

If by the word life you are referring to our immediate concerns of survival interests, then physical sustainability and comfort will be central to your answer. If by the word life you are referring to the curiosity for what may be discovered over that next horizon, then an ever-expanding quest for knowledge will factor high in your answer. But it won’t stop there. What we choose to focus on, what we choose to see depends entirely on how we see ourselves. Are we here to sustain and comfort a body or are we here to express our limitless nature?

For those who think of life as the mundane process of sustaining and comforting a body, despite the fact that they may have “graduated” to using spiritual means to achieve this end, their quest for meaning will remain unresolved.  Regardless of how positive they are or how good they become at stamping a happy face on the inevitable downturns they experience, they will never rise above the perpetual ebb and flow of material success and failure, and will, therefore, remain subject to the frustrations of their inability to permanently eradicate the ebb so they can experience only the flow.

For those who have discovered the value of looking up, of seeing themselves as part of a cosmic rather than a mere earthly process, their quest for life’s meaning is resolved. How they see themselves is not determined by what they discover beyond that next horizon, but by that undeniable inner prompting to lift their eyes to notice that new horizon in the first place. Life’s meaning, and our purpose in it, is to align our self understanding with the creative intentions of God. The will of God is the unhindered process of unlimited expression, not merely though a given number of channels, but through all channels. And the human being is the one species that has the ability to continue creating new channels, thus carrying out the process of unlimited expression indefinitely through the material realm.


One thought on “The Meaning of Life

  1. In yesterdays talk I realized that the question is unique in and of itself because…

    I recognize that…
    Life is the now present and coursing through me even though I question WHY?

    My question today arises from an interest to go deeper in this ever present experience.

    I feel loved and content. There is no doubt that life has meaning and evokes interest for me.

    Somehow asking the question has more than an incidental interest.

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