A Quantum Leap of Faith

Click for audio: A Quantum Leap of Faith

In an effort to better understand and grasp the abstract notion that the kingdom of God is within every individual, we can, as I did in last week’s Sunday talk, use the computer as a helpful model. We are trained from birth to think of ourselves in the same way we might think of our computer. The physical aspect is like the body, the processor is the brain or intellect. The software and all the data we generate and store on the hard drive would represent the consciousness. The hard drive is the storage facility, equivalent to the subconsciousness. If you were to apply the pronoun I to this computer as a reference to its self-image, you would have the computer saying, I amthe sum of the physical and nonphysical aspects of this single unit.

Taking a leap, let’s say the kingdom of God is the Internet. If we said the kingdom of the Internet is within our computer, are we saying that we could dismantle the computer and find a thing inside of it that we could identify as the Internet? No. Using this model we would have to say that the computer, through its internal modem, has the ability to access the Internet. But where is the Internet? Are we making a misleading statement by saying the kingdom of the Internet is within? No. The mistake we are making is in our belief that we are the computer. In Truth, our soul, our spiritual essence, that kingdom of God we speak of, is the Internet. The computer is simply our means of making the invisible Internet visible at the material plane.

The Internet, in a sense, is omnipresent. You can access it in virtually any location. It remains invisible until there is a physical device, your computer, to make it visible. Your soul is exactly the same. Your mind and body are your soul’s interface that enable you to interact and communicate at the physical level. It would actually be more accurate to say that your consciousness and your body exist within your soul rather than the other way around.

While this may seem as if it takes a quantum leap of faith to grasp, I suggest you hold this thought through the week and see what other lights come on.


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