The Spiritual Context

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A question was raised about why it would matter if we considered the soul as evolving or as already complete and if batting around such ideas has practical value. My response is that how we understand ourselves at the deepest level does matter and it does have practical value for this is the prime determining factor in how we experience life.

A person who sees themselves as an evolving soul here to learn lessons that will advance their soul’s cause will think of their life in a way that is different from one who thinks of themselves as a completed soul here simply because they want to experience life in the material realm. The first attitude is similar to taking a job strictly for the money. I don’t necessarily like the job of living, but my soul is getting something out of it so I’ll put up with it. The second has taken on the job of living because they actually like the work.

Placing yourself in a healthy spiritual context is one of the most important achievements we can accomplish. This, I believe, is why Jesus advised to seek first the kingdom of God and all other things would fall in place (Matthew 6:33). He was pointing out the importance of the spiritual context. If you understand who and what you are at the spiritual level, your material issues will fall in place. It gets no more practical than this.

We suffer because we place ourselves in a context that requires suffering. Say you don’t like the job. A problem arises that is a total inconvenience, but you need the money so what can you do? You have to solve it. You put up with the job hoping someday you’ll get a promotion and life will be easier. If you like your work and a problem arises, you don’t solve it simply because you’re getting paid to do that. You solve the problem because doing so stimulates your creativity and the flow of new ideas.

The context you see yourself in makes all the difference in how you live your life. Seek first an understanding of your true spiritual context and all that you seek in life will be added.


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