The Meditation Process

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In our quest for spiritual understanding, there is a very practical parallel that we can see between at least four of the fifteen or so commonly reported elements of the near-death experience (NDE) and our own approach to meditation.

During an NDE, people report that in the early stage they see their body from an outside location, usually from the corner of the ceiling. In our times of meditation, we do not attempt to leave our body. We do, however, seek to disassociate with our body and the field of consciousness around it that constantly clamors for our attention.

Next, many report moving toward a point of light, passing through what is usually described as a tunnel. In meditation, we seek an awareness of our completed soul, which I have said is approached, not intellectually, but through the intuitive portal. We can think of this inner portal as a kind of tunnel through which we pass from the outer to the inner sanctuary of the soul.

Upon exiting the tunnel, reported NDE experiences vary widely but nearly all say they are immersed in absolute, unconditional love and that they identify as their true home. This also describes the experience of those who are successful in entering their soul’s sanctuary. The experience is one of absolute love and complete acceptance, a knowing that this is our true being, our true home.

After a time, the NDEr is either informed or they come to know on their own that they must return to their body, that there is more for them to do. Likewise, in our time of meditation there comes a moment when the world calls again. We get up and we go about our day’s business.

It is no coincidence that we find a similar pattern in reported near-death experiences and our own meditative process. In both cases we are dying to one thing so we may be born into something else. When Paul wrote about dying daily (1 Corinthians 15:31), he was obviously referring to that process of letting go of the body-centered self-image that keeps our minds distracted from our true spiritual home.

We do not want to leave this body or this earth until our purpose for being here is complete. Meditation brings your self-awareness into alignment with your soul that made the choice to come here in the first place. As the image and likeness of God, your soul is complete and fully accessible now, at this very moment. Holding fast to this truth will make your times of meditation, effective, meaningful and life-changing.


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