Our Prayer Toolkit, Part 1

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Part 1 of 2

Over the past several weeks and months I’ve been talking about the completed soul in the context of a kind of overview and groundwork for some practical applications, especially as they pertain to prayer. We are in possession of what I am calling five executive faculties: imagination, faith, will, judgment and elimination, all of which we employ on a moment-by-moment basis. In Part 1, I’ll deal with imagination and faith. In Part 2, I’ll discuss will, judgment and elimination.

Our faculty of imagination, known as the mind’s eye, has two functions. The most commonly known is the visualizing aspect, which is our ability to create mental pictures. The other side of the imagination is our intuitive aspect. In this case, I’m referring to our ability to open our being to our completed soul. When Jesus talked about being born of Spirit, he was talking about opening the intuitive portal to the soul and allowing our spiritual essence to fill our mind. We employ our faculty of faith by directing it to the completed soul.

It’s fair to say that most people operate with their faith directed to their sense of incompleteness rather than to their spiritual wholeness. If you are dealing with an issue of healing, for example, you would start, not with the thought that you need a healing, but with the idea that you are already whole, that your spiritual body is complete and is now radiating through your physical body. As you contemplate this truth, you open the intuitive aspect of your imagination to this wholeness and you visualize it radiating through every aspect of your being.

This is not something you force. You let. Direct your faith into the completeness of your spiritual essence, see this essence pouring into your mind and body until you feel the truth and assurance of your imagery. Do this in a quiet place, but also carry it into your day, recalling the imagery, the radiance and the feeling of wholeness.

You can apply this to any condition in your life. The completed soul is a well of living water that inspires and directs you through all aspects of your life.


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