Our Prayer Toolkit, Part 2

Click for audio: Our Prayer Toolkit, Part 2

Last week I discussed our two executive faculties of imagination and faith. This week we’ll look at our faculties of will, judgment and elimination.

In a religious context, the human will is often depicted as a negative. This is usually because one person is attempting to impose their will on another, usually against their will, which rarely has a good outcome. In the context of awakening to the completed soul, the will is utilized as the means of keeping our faculties of imagination and faith pointed in the right direction. Our faculty of judgment is our ability to know the difference between the right and wrong directions. Am I advancing a strength or am I protecting a weakness? In Jesus’ parable of the dragnet, the fishermen cast a net into the sea and bring up fish of every kind. They keep the good fish and toss the bad. The standard for what is good and bad with fish is set by the objective of the fishermen. The same is true with each of us. This standard changes with our understanding of the difference between the soul and the self-image. Am I advancing the expression of my soul or am I protecting the weakness of my self-image?

Our faculty of elimination, in conjunction with our faculty of judgment, is our ability to recognize and release those elements of the self-image (which ultimately includes the entire self-image) to allow the soul complete freedom of expression. The desire for freedom is universal and we are all responding to it. Yet we are bound by beliefs that hamper our freedom. The logic that binds us to these beliefs arises from the self-image. Our spiritual work is to identify and release these beliefs, to lift the bushel, so to speak, so the light of our soul can shine.

We are using all five of our executive faculties all the time and the condition of our life reflects the way in which we are using them. It is a given that challenges arise in every life. A conscious and deliberate use of the tools in our prayer toolkit is the thing that will help us successfully navigate through any challenge.



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