The Enigma of Consciousness

Click for audio: The Enigma of Consciousness

It is important to understand the term consciousness and the role it plays in the process of soul expression. In its common usage we think of consciousness as awareness. If we say a person loses consciousness, we are saying they are no longer aware of themselves or their surroundings. They are unconscious. The question of what exactly consciousness is, of course, is a subject of ongoing discussion in studies of the mental sciences.

In addition to defining it as awareness, the spiritual community also treats consciousness as the sum of an individual’s belief system, the accumulation of ideas that influence our present life. When we say, life is consciousness, we are recognizing a relationship between the ideas, the beliefs we hold as true, and the conditions that make up our life. It is widely accepted, therefore, that if one wants to better their conditions they start, not by changing the conditions themselves, but by changing their belief system, their consciousness.

What is not so well understood is the idea that our consciousness can either be influenced by the truth of our soul or by the transient information that comes through our senses. It is the latter that most of us use in standard practice.

The moment we begin to seriously accept that our soul is our true identity, we start our journey of seeking to better understand the implications of this truth. We’ve reached a critical turning point that will influence, in a positive way, the ideas we hold to be true. Our focus of attention, for example, will move from the task of self-improvement to the objective of self-discovery. Instead of laboring under the idea of not being good enough, that we have to somehow make ourselves better to please God, ourselves and others, we begin to consider the truth that the core of our being is already complete and waiting our permission to come forth. Our ideas become grounded in an inside-out approach rather than the more common outside-in approach to self improvement.

The simple statement, I am now whole and I express my wholeness in all that I do is a powerful catalyst for the inside-out approach to a healthier life at all levels. Speak these words with realization throughout your day and see for yourself what a difference it makes.

A Walking Meditation

Begin to see light radiating from the core of your being.

My soul is now complete.

The light of my soul is shining in its full power right now.


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