Prayer in Practice

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[Note: the following is to be used in conjunction with the audio version of Prayer in Practice]

Imagination: Once you establish a level of spiritual focus, bring any topic needing prayer attention into the field of your awareness. Imagine your issue is totally resolved right now. You do this by considering how you would feel if this was true, and you open yourself to knowing it is true. Feel the freedom and complete peace of knowing your resolution is now in play. You are lifting your spiritual eyes to see that which you are asking for in prayer is already yours. Release all negative imagery and energy with the following denial:

Denial: I now release all negative imagery concerning my life condition. I release all fear, all stress, all need to find a way out of this situation.

Spend a few moments letting go. As you experience a measure of freedom, speak the following words and let yourself experience the truth you are declaring:

Affirmation: The resolution I seek is now established in my life. I experience the peace of freedom knowing I am now being guided to the best and highest possible outworking of this situation. Thank You, God.

Faith: The experience described in this affirmation is now the focus of your faith, your expectation. As ideas and situations present themselves through your day, your faith in the truth of this affirmation will be challenged. One reason for this is that it is not unusual for things to begin falling apart before they come together. If a structure is built on a faulty foundation, it is necessary to start over by replacing that foundation.

Judgment: It is here that your faculty of judgment plays an important role. When things appear to be falling apart, it is easy to lose faith in the notion that better conditions are unfolding. Bear in mind that these better conditions may not look like the conditions you assume are needed to fulfill your expectations. Is your faith in specific conditions or is it in the greater good now unfolding? Do not judge by appearances.

Will: Assert your will to stay the course. This does not mean that you force yourself to believe something that runs counter to what you think is true. Think of your will as a willingness to allow this or something better to emerge. Allowing is not the same as forcing. Keep the steady attitude that your vision of greater good or something better is emerging.

Elimination: If you waver in this conviction, as you surely will, release the temptation to change your expectation by utilizing the above denial and affirmation.


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