The Wellspring of Good

Click for audio: The Wellspring of Good

“Hitherto we have believed that we were helped and comforted by others, that we received joy from outside circumstances and surroundings; but it is not so. All joy and strength and good spring up from a fountain within one’s own being; and if we only knew this truth we should know that, because God in us is the fountain out of which springs all our good, nothing that anyone does or says, or fails to do or say, can take away our joy and good” (Lessons In Truth).

This statement from Emilie Cady represents an important truth that is very easy to overlook. We are never separate from the depth and quality of life that we desire. Our good only feels separate because we have turned away from the inner and relied on the outer to bring us the satisfaction that we seek. Sometimes our circumstances are favorable and sometimes they seem in disarray. Our focus on them causes an inner fluctuation that we seek to stabilize by seizing control of circumstances. We engage in a perpetual struggle for control that we can never quite achieve.

When we read that God in us is the fountain out of which springs all our good, we may agree and start looking to God to solve the problems that plague us. As long as we are looking to God to solve our perceived problems, it isn’t likely that we will tap the inner fountain to which Cady refers. Whether we are doing the work ourselves or asking God to do it for us, we are still of the same mindset that erodes the peace and satisfaction that we seek. We’re simply employing a different method to achieve the same end.

Cady is talking about something more than solving problems. She is talking about developing an awareness of God as the source of our being. Our dependency on things and circumstances for contentment has made us blind to our perpetual source of contentment and placed us on an endless track that has no satisfying end.

Practice the presence of God by spending time letting go of your need to harmonize conditions. The harmony you seek is within you.








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