Doing and Being

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Doing is secondary to being. When we are consciously the Truth, it will radiate from us and accomplish the works without our ever running to and fro. (Lessons in Truth).

Despite the advice given in the letter of James to be doers of the word rather than hearers only, it is of utmost importance to first experience some measure of the Truth we seek, to be rather than to do. We do many things to try to incorporate spiritual principles into our thinking: we read, we listen to instructional messages, we engage in service to others. It’s important to first be still and know, to get some sense of the inner light, that pure, renewing life energy that radiates from the center of our being.

I have had people ask, “What does your church do for our community?” By our sheer existence, we are offering a service to our community that is rare among churches. Being Unity is, in fact, the greatest service we can offer. What we are is the service we offer. We are filling a spiritual void that goes unaddressed by those who engage in focusing on the material needs of the world. This is not to imply that such endeavors are unimportant. But Unity was born because traditional churches were so busy proselytizing and carrying out their missionary works around the world, they were neglecting the spiritual awakening of the people they served. Unity’s primary focus has always been on the individual and the importance of tuning in to the still small voice of God within.

When you consider your own path, how much of your energy is devoted to letting go and seeking an awakening to the inner presence? Perhaps you have a daily devotion. Do you spend this time reading and discussing with others ideas that are important to you? Or, do you lay everything down, go alone, and seek a deeper experience with the inner Light of God’s warm presence? Cady suggests that by going within the Light will radiate from us and accomplish the works without our ever running to and fro. By doing only, we lose sight of the Light. By letting the Light shine from within, we find our center and accomplish the works as well.








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