Freedom and Self-Forgiveness

Click for audio: Freedom and Self-Forgiveness


Most of us are aware of the need to forgive those who have knowingly or unknowingly harmed us in some way. Pent up anger and resentment, justified as it may seem, is an emotional ball and chain that hinders the free flow of our creative energy. True forgiveness of another is really the agreement to let go of this pocket of energy so we may move on to a more productive use of our mental and emotional faculties.

The same holds true for needed self-forgiveness as it concerns other people. We may wonder why we were so blind to another’s behavior, why we allowed ourselves to become victimized by them. Self-forgiveness is the needed healing elixir that frees us from emotional bondage.

There is another, more profound level of self-forgiveness. This one involves our relationship to God. Emma Curtis Hopkins offers these powerful statements that are worth making our own:

Here is my mind. I spread it out before Thee. Forgive Thou its foolishness and ignorance with Thy bright wisdom.

Here is my life impulsion, I offer it to Thee. Forgive Thou all its contrariness to Thee.

Here is my heart; it is Thine only. Forgive Thou its dissatisfactions; forgive its restlessness. Forgive its discouragements; forgive its elations. Forgive its hopes and its fears; its loves and its hates.

Here is my body, I cast it down before Thee. Forgive Thou its imperfections with Thy perfection.

Forgive me altogether with Thyself.

Though her language is a bit archaic, this series of statements constitutes a freeing prayer that can have profound implications. It’s a way of saying, Let Thy will, not mine, be done throughout every aspect of our life.



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