The Healing Spirit

Click for audio: The Healing Spirit

Unity, like many of the other New Thought teachings of the time, started as a healing movement. Our founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, both suffered from severe medical conditions that they were able to overcome through the application of spiritual principles.

The most important principle is the recognition of God as the ever-present healing spirit. We see our mind and body permeated by this creative life force that is bias toward the renewal of every atom and cell of our being. Faith, therefore, is a fundamental of healing. We begin with the unwavering understanding that God is present as our healing source and our acknowledgment of this perpetual healing activity brings us into clearer alignment with it.

When I have a healing need, I find it helpful to envision God expressing as my complete soul. The soul, being the direct, animating foundation of the body, is now perfect in every way. This perfection radiates from this unseen wholeness in a balanced and intelligent manner not dependent on my own efforts or even my own understanding. My part is to “let go and let God” do the healing, to know that even as I move throughout my day that God’s healing spirit is doing its perfect work.

If you have a healing need, set aside time daily to know that God is working through you now as a loving, all-embracing power that is bringing your mind and body into perfect balance. With my own recent health challenge, I found such periods of quiet to be most productive. I would feel myself wrapped in God’s healing spirit as a warm blanket of love and life. If there was anything I needed to learn from this challenge, I sensed that God was bringing it to the forefront of my mind to acknowledge and release. I assumed the attitude that the unconditional love of God was at work in my mind, body and affairs and that all was well.

The healing spirit of God is at work in you and your loved ones now. Spend special periods of time holding this vision. See your mind and body completely immersed in this healing spirit and then carry this vision with you throughout your day.


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