The Personal Touch of God

Click for audio: The Personal Touch of God

I have often referred to God as the creative life force. This is not an attempt to give God a new name but rather a way of suggesting how to think of the action of God. Even a casual look at the diversity in nature illustrates the creative aspect of this life force. We also observe that, depending on the capacity of a plant or animal species, the life, love, power and intelligence of God expresses in many varying degrees. The earthworm, for example, does not express the same level of intelligence as the chimpanzee. And yet, the intelligence of God is no less present just because the earthworm expresses it in a lesser degree.

Though we sometimes feel that God’s presence waxes and wanes, it is important for us to remember that it is our capacity or willingness to receive that makes the difference. If our attention is fully drawn away from God as our healing, guiding source, we will likely struggle as if God were far removed.

Think of your mind as a window that opens to the full light of day. If you draw your shades over the window, the room you are in becomes dark. Open the shades and the light streams in. How you set the shades has no influence on the sun’s light. It only influences your experience in the room.

When we talk about the omnipresence of God, we are saying that, because God is fully present at all times, God’s personal touch is also available to each of us at all times. Just as the sun, a distant star, will brighten your day by bathing your room with its light, so God will fill you with the inspiration needed to brighten your life, to bring healing, prospering ideas and guidance into the darkened room of your experience. The sun’s light is universal, non-depleting energy that will fill every room in every home with open shades. It offers its personal touch without condition.

God is universal but is present as your personal guide and healer. If your life is darkened with fear and doubt, become still and open the shades of your mind to the guiding light of God’s love.


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