The Knowing Mind

Click for audio: The Knowing Mind

As I write this piece, I look out my window and see about ten different kinds of trees, some domestic and some wild. Though all four characteristics of God are present – life, love, power and intelligence – the two most obvious that I notice are life and intelligence. These trees are living things, organic entities that translate the invisible creative life force into something we can see and touch. We cannot see and touch the life and intelligence that animates these trees and directs their leaves and roots to pull in the proper nutrients and solar energy that stir them to growth. We can, however, experience these elements in their pristine form. We too are points through which the life, love, power and intelligence of God are expressed, translated from the invisible to the visible realm.

When we look at growing things such as trees we see harmony in their existence. They do not appear to struggle through each moment in fear of the next. Nor do they seem to drag around the weight of regret over past mistakes. Whether they were planted by people or by acts of nature, they make the most of where they are. They may not be endowed with a brain that allows them, like us, to project and analyze a perceived future or imprison themselves in the confines of both pleasant and unpleasant memories. They are, however, endowed with the knowing mind. And so are we.

The knowing mind is our intuitive connection to the very creative life force that powers our being. God is the inexorable force that translates from the invisible to the visible. With our creative imagination usually running wild, we seldom experience this force that expresses so beautifully and harmoniously through the surrounding flora and fauna that obviously live from this knowing mind. It is in our best interest of pause often, lay aside our self-perceptions, our dreams and all that concerns us, and open ourselves intuitively to this ever-present force that rises and moves through our being. This is the balancing, prospering, healing presence of God, the source of peace and harmony that you and I seek.


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