Name Your Preference

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Part 2 of 6: The Alpha and Omega of Manifestation

Step 1: I form a clear picture of my desire with the understanding that, by so doing, I impress this desire upon the living energy that is God.

The five steps we will cover in this and the next four weeks are derived from Thomas Troward’s book, The Edinburgh Lectures. In this work, you will not find these steps spelled out as concisely as I am presenting them, but you will find the principles they represent scattered liberally through all of his writings, in particular the chapter named Causes and Conditions.

The principle embodied in step 1 involves visualization, the art of holding a mental and emotional picture of what you want for your life. Before you say, “I’m not good at visualizing,” let’s understand that we’re all quite good at it, so good, in fact, that our quality of life is the sum of the dominating mental and emotional imagery we hold. It is this ability that sets the human being apart from the plant and animal kingdoms.   

The key point here is the realization that we are learning nothing new. We are simply making ourselves aware of how we are using our visualizing faculty. To state a preference for your life is to set a standard by which you can measure the character of all those other visions that float across your mental screen each passing minute. Are you visualizing yourself as happy, loving and prosperous one moment and then lamenting your well-rehearsed history of failures the next? Without the standard of your preferred vision in place, the lamentations over past failures may seem the accepted norm. Now you have the opportunity to rethink how you choose to see things. If they are not in keeping with your vision, you let them go.

When forming your vision, do so from the perspective that you are doing it to express more of the life, love, power and intelligence of God. This will keep your vision in harmony with the universal principle of unlimited expression, in sync with the ever-expanding will of God.







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