The Gift of Understanding

Click for audio: The Gift of Understanding

Continuing with our theme of love, I pointed out last week that love, in the spiritual context, is closely associated with understanding. As I discussed, love involves a dual action. Love dissolves that which stands in the way of our highest good and it attracts that which is for our highest good. The highest good, as perceived by the self-image, is different from the highest good of the soul. Understanding is our ability to know the difference.

The driving principle of the soul is self-expression. Jesus referred to the soul as a lamp that is to be placed on a stand in plain sight so it may accomplish that which it has come here to do—shine. We cover the soul with the bushel of the self-image, that false, senses-based identity that we have all adopted. The peace of the self-image is under constant threat from things like difficult personalities and the ever-present nuisance of unpredictable conditions. We tend to test the winds to see if we will feel strong, weak, peaceful or in turmoil.

When we affirm that love guides us, we do so with the assumption that love’s dissolving and attracting power is at work regardless of appearances. Our faith is anchored in love’s unconditional action. If things appear to be falling apart we know this is because in truth they are falling together in some better way. We remind ourselves that love is not present one moment and absent the next. Our understanding of this truth is our assurance that the highest good we seek, that which best resonates with and expresses as the strength of our soul, is now coming forth. If things are not going as we think they should, we know the perfect and unconditional action of love is striking the right balance.

If you are experiencing a moment of uncertainty in health, finances, or direction, hold fast to the truth that love is now clearing your way. That which needs to be dissolved is being dissolved and that which facilitates your soul’s greater expression is now falling in place. Practice being the nonjudgmental observer, watching with interest the way your situation unfolds. You have the gift of understanding that the needs of your self-image and your soul are two very different things. Be steady in your soul-directed faith and you will come through just fine.


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