The Undamaged Soul

Video: The Undamaged Soul, A Candid Moment With Rev. J Douglas Bottorff

13 min. 51 seconds


2 thoughts on “The Undamaged Soul

  1. Your using the term “accept” brings to mind the language used in traditional churches – that one must “accept Christ” to gain salvation. This is often understood as a formal, intellectual process, akin to signing on the dotted line, thereby insuring your name has been entered in the Book of Life. When ‘Christ’ is understood to be that in us which is begotten of God, of the same nature as God (Spirit), then we truly do ‘gain’ salvation from the sense that we are separate. To ‘accept Christ’ is to know “I and the Father/God are One.” It is an intimate moment much like consummating a marriage relationship. While the wedding is a public formality, the consummation is done privately and it is that which joins the two as one in the most intimate way. Such is the begetting of God’s spirit in us. Once it has been experienced, like love itself, it changes everything.

    I appreciate that you are sharing these teaching video vignettes which I enjoy watching. Thank you!

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