Coming Home

The Truth Will Make You Free: Part 2 of 2

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“If then the Son sets you free, you will indeed be free.”        – Jesus

As we saw last week, the Son represents your soul. Spiritual freedom is an experiential awareness of the soul. It’s important that we become conscious of how we see ourselves throughout our day. Are we enslaved by what our senses are reporting? Are we consumed by some pending “what if” that we’re not sure how to resolve? If so, then we are playing the role of the slave to sin. We’re missing, in the sense that our awareness of the soul, our true source of power, has been enslaved by anxiety over the future or past. We have lost sight of the truth that That which is within us is greater than that which is in the world (1John 4:4).

When we think of the soul, we tend to think of it as an entity inhabiting our body. It’s more accurate to think of our body as existing within the soul. When we drop the body, our soul continues our life’s journey. The body needs the soul. The soul does not need the body.

This is important to grasp because 99% of our anxieties are body-driven. We do not want to deny the body or neglect its needs, but we do not want to ignore the stabilizing influence of the soul either. The soul is our true home. The further we wander into the far country of the senses-driven concerns of the self-image, the more freedom we lose. Our freedom becomes conditional, dependent on the status of our affairs. When we resolve this or that thing, we’ll be happy. We’ll be free.

And resolve it we may. Just before another troubling situation arises. A big part of attaining spiritual freedom is found in the understanding that there will always be unrest in our conditions. The nature of life is change. If we’re living with the hope of reaching a state of changelessness in the ever-shifting sands of our material experience, we’ll be forever disappointed. Our affairs will never stabilize to the point of offering us permanent peace.

Jesus pointed out that his kingdom was not of this world – the ever-changing world of appearances. He found a peace and freedom that surpassed material understanding. The ebb and flow of change is ongoing, but the soul is the changeless rock of truth that can never leave us.

True freedom is found at the spiritual level and is available to all. As we begin to grasp this truth, we find that elusive path to freedom.


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